DAO Tokens
DAO Tokens are non-transferable tokens minted and burned by the DAOs in exchange for staking $NCO. They enable a wide range of benefits to their holders towards the profiles issuing them.

Social vesting

Social vesting enables a new kind of relationships between a creator and their audience where everyone has vested interest in the success of a specific product, service or profile. Social vesting turns any fan, user or customer into a co-owner of the output through the value capture of the DAO Tokens, producing an alignment of incentives between creators and early believers.

Vested apps

As an alternative to advertising, paid subscriptions and in-app purchases, the users of an app need to prove they own a required amount of DAO Tokens from the application publisher in order to access it.

Vested patrons

Many services today allow early believers to benefit from a discount for participating in the conception of goods, content and services by pre-purchasing them via web 2.0 platforms.
What if on top of simply paying or pre-paying access to such goods and services from creators, patrons could actually own a currency that would increase in value as the success of their creator increases.

Vested communities

Vested communities require participants to prove they own enough of the DAO Tokens of that community to access their space. Communities can be private chat groups, online events, conferences or membership to clubs.
The value of the DAO Tokens is proportional to the quality collectively produced by the community.


Each pool is a Micro-DAO which means DAO Tokens are also governance tokens, allowing pool creators to coordinate with the community that has vested interest in their success.

DAO Token bonding curve and AMM

The price of the DAO Token is set by the smart contract which has an Automated Market Maker, or AMM programmed to increase according to the bonding curve.
It allows early pool members to benefit from a discount by receiving the DAO Token at a lower price than next members.
The bonding curve also provides an "anti-power law" feature that is described more precisely on the Mechanism Design section.