Tokens provide incentives ant utility at different layers of the ecosystem, from purchasing resources, liquidity to rewarding early believers of a creator.
The protocol provides 3 layers of incentives and vested interest:
  • Layer 1: the $NCO platform coin is a scarce asset required to mint NFTs and Social Tokens
  • Layer 2: the DAO which provides DAO Tokens through an AMM that rewards early believers
  • Layer 3: the farm where DAO Token holders earn yield by locking their Social Tokens
The $NCO Coin is the Platform Coin which is scarce.
For each staking event, a 15% fee is distributed as follows:
  • 5% to the DAO creator, who can be an app developer, a community or a content creator.
  • 5% to all DAO members.
  • 3% to the governance farm.
  • 2% to block producers .
Because of the fee, Patrons need to ensure the pools they choose are well curated based on their creative value, which rewards good curators.
Its supply is limited to 1,888,888,888 $NCO during the initial phase, and can be extended to its maximum supply of 8,888,888,888 $NCO if conditions are met.

Token distribution for the initial phase

Private Sale
Team and Advisors

Threshold coin offering (IEO)

To reach its full maximum supply, $NCO has to be minted and sold on secondary market at prices above thresholds, witnessed by an oracle.
Price Threshold in USD
0.08 < 0.61
0.62 < 5.12
5.12 < 80
The $NCO supply is not inflationary beyond the max supply. Governance tokens and DAO tokens require $NCO staking to be minted, and will be burned when the equivalent $NCO is retrieved from the DAOs.