Tokens provide incentives ant utility at different layers of the ecosystem, from purchasing resources, liquidity to rewarding early believers of a creator.
The protocol provides 3 layers of incentives and vested interest:
  • Layer 1: the $NCO platform coin is a scarce asset required to mint NFTs and Social Tokens
  • Layer 2: the DAO which provides DAO Tokens through an AMM that rewards early believers
  • Layer 3: the farm where DAO Token holders earn yield by locking their Social Tokens
The $NCO Coin is the Platform Coin which is scarce.
For each staking event, a 15% fee is applied, which is redistributed as follows:
  • 5% to the DAO creator, who can be an app developer, a community or a content creator.
  • 5% to the governance farm.
  • 2% to block producers fund.
  • 3% to all other participants in the pool.
Because of the fee, Patrons need to ensure the pools they choose are well curated based on their potential.
Its supply is limited to 1,888,888,888 $NCO during the initial phase, and can be extended to its maximum supply of 8,888,888,888 $NCO if conditions are met.

Token distribution for the initial phase

Private Sale
Team and Advisors

Threshold coin offering (IEO)

To reach its full maximum supply, $NCO has to be minted and sold on secondary market at prices above thresholds, with half of the reserve that can't be sold below $5.12
Price Threshold in USD
0.08 or above
0.62 or above
5.12 or above
The $NCO supply is not inflationary beyond the max supply. Governance tokens and DAO tokens requires $NCO staking to be minted, and will be burned when the equivalent $NCO is retrieved from the DAOs.
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