Smart contracts
Smart contracts can be queried directly without necessarily using any of the components provided below. Developers have the flexibility to build custom code, and optionally contribute to the open-source SDK.
Unlike general purpose smart contract platforms, the Newcoin Protocol provides node validators with a list of whitelisted smart contracts:

Account creation and UNS contract

This smart contract is reserved to licensed participant in the blockchain. Licenses can be obtained through staking and vote by the DAO. It enables Account issuers to onboard new users to the Newcoin blockchain by generating accounts and usernames.

Social NFT Licensing contract

This smart contract enables the minting of NFT assets which can be owned by one or multiple creators who will be entitled to programmable royalties according to each transaction.

Pool contract

Te creator pool contract generates and manages operations related to the issuance of the @XGC and $XCC tokens which are non-transferable and can be redeemed for $NCO on the creator pool. It includes the bonding curve automated market maker which mints and burns creator and community coins.
It also turns any pool into a multi-sig micro-DAO where token holders can vote smart contract enabled decisions.

Token and balance contract

This smart contract handles the transfer of tokens between accounts which impacts the balance of each account for each token.

Collective contract

This contract allows multiple users to share the ownership of an account which automates the redistribution of royalties between creators who participated in a specific artwork collectively. A multi-sig similar to the one provided to patrons enables micro-DAO capabilities.