Complex smart contracts such as Creator Pools and NFTs store data on the Newcoin blockchain, making it extremely impossible to access anything other than the network's basic data directly.
In the case of NFTs, we can perform basic read operations on the contract, such as obtaining the owner of a specific NFT, obtaining the content URI of an NFT based on its ID, or obtaining the total supply, because these read operations are programmed directly into the smart contract, but more advanced real-world queries and operations, such as aggregation, search, relationships, and non-trivial filtering, are not possible. For instance, if we wanted to query for NFTs held by a particular address and filter on one of its attributes, we would be unable to do so via direct interaction with the contract.
To obtain this data, you would need to process every single transfer event that has ever occurred, read the metadata from IPFS using the Token ID and IPFS hash, and then aggregate it. Even for these seemingly straightforward inquiries, an app running on a browser would require hours or even days to respond.
You could alternatively create your own server, process transactions there, save them to a database, and then add an API endpoint to access the data. This solution, however, is resource heavy, requires maintenance, introduces a single point of failure, and violates critical decentralization-related security features.
Indexing blockchain data is a time-consuming and challenging task.
Blockchain aspects such as finality, chain reorganization, and uncled blocks further complicate this procedure, making it not only time demanding but also conceptually challenging to extract accurate query answers from blockchain data.
Newgraph addresses this issue by indexing and enabling fast and efficient querying of blockchain data.
It also provides a framework for AI and ML capabilities to be provided through bot services. For example providing relevant content feed recommendations to users without having to develop everything and with a broader awareness of context from multiple apps.
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