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A developers guide to the Newfoundation Ecosystem

The Vision of Newfoundation is much broader than only the Blockchain.
Therefore it requires to build up a whole ecosystem with our community.

For developers, we provide 3 levels of working with newcoin.

  • The Protocol layer: Most direct interactions with the blockchain, abstracted through NewAPI
  • The Service layer: Higher level services simpifying business models and useful services
  • The Frontend layer: Readymade components to further speed up development including cloneable products

Development Stack

The Protocol Layer

The Newcoin blockchain is built with multichain in mind, and core concepts will soon be available on other chains too. Therefore building on Newcoin also means that multichain services and abilities will arrive to your dApps with next to no extra time investment.

Newcoin Contracts

On Newcoin, contracts are developed, maintained and audited by the MainDAO, therefore free to use for you. All dApps are using the same instance of a Smart Contract.
If you want to learn more about it, head over to

We strongly recommend to use an abstraction to interact with the smart contracts.


Provides an general abstraction to all SC on the Newfoundation ecosystem, and primary exists in 2 Levels:

The Service Layer

A bare blockchain needs ecosystem services for modern dApps to be usable (e.g. a graph serach).
On the Newfoundation Ecosystem, several services of these are provided

Most of these services are currently abstracted by the Newstack platform


Provides a unified authentication platform for registering ecosystem services, providing roles and rights and issueing access keys.

All dApps that are using ecosystem services must be registered at the newstack console.


Provides an unified abstraction to the Newfoundation ecosystem as a webservice.
Requires a Newstack key to access.

Newgraph is available in multiple programing languages.

If you are interested in other languages, please head over to our Discord and get in contact with the team.

Ecosystem dApps

Key ecosystem applications are also available for use

The Frontend Layer

Different Newfoundation Ecosystem projects also provide Frontend layer abstractions to further speed up development.


Provides readymade frontend components in React & Ant.Design

Nocode / Lowcode partner

The Newfoundation ecosystem is constantly growing, and we always look for new partners who want to support nocode & lowcode efforts to increase adoption. If you want us to support your lowcode project, please get in contact with us on Discord.