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Stake NCO to MainPool

Stake GNCO to SubPool

Stake Creator LPs to farm

To be provided

Mint NFT

Mint NFT by itself is a low level generic function.

The mintAsset function mints a new non-fungible token (NFT) asset.


mintAsset(n: NCMintAsset): Promise<NCReturnTxs>


let n: NCMintAsset = { 
creator: name,
col_name: api.utils.getRootCollectionName(name),
sch_name: api.utils.getRootCollectionNftSchemaName(name),
payer: name,
payer_prv_key: prv_key_active,
immutable_data: [
{'key': 'name', 'value': ['string', name+'_'+(new Date()).getTime()]},
{'key': 'description','value': ['string', 'demo nft']},
{'key': 'image','value': ['string', '']},
{'key': "external_url",'value':['string', '']},
{'key': 'content_type','value':['string', 'text']},
{'key': 'content','value':['string', 'test_string']},
{'key': "license",'value':['string', 'CC-EX-123456']},
//{'key': "template_name"}, {'value': ['string', '']},
//{'key': "attributes"}, { 'value': ['string[]', []] }
mutable_data: [
//{'key': 'storage', 'value': ['string', test]}
let resp :NCReturnTxs = await api.assets.mintAsset(n) ;

Drop NFT

Drop NFT means first offering of NFT

To be provided

List NFT

List existing NFT on the market

To be provided