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What are Smart Contracts?

Smart Contracts are programs run by the blockchain nodes. They are triggered by external actions and change the blockchain state. On Newcoin, these Contracts are managed and maintained by the MainDAO, and are shared by all dApps.

How to Add a Smart Contract to Newcoin?

Smart contracts on Newcoin are universally accessible by everyone, with the benefit that all dApps use the same data structure, and therefore can build upon the structures of other products.

This results in, that Smart contracts need to be guarded and audited by the Newcoin MainDAO. When you believe a Smart contract is missing, or have an innovation you would like to be able to bring to Newcoin, here are several ways to get this done.

Talk to the Newcoin DAO members on Discord

Head over to discord and write us on the Developer Hangout general Chat.

Write a proposal

If you exactly know what you want to build, and already have an example API structure, then join the MainDAO on Newcoin, and write a detailed proposal with your Smart contract.

Contact the Newmoon DAO

If you are a new project, and you need a new type of Smart contracts, then please talk to the Newmoon Accelerator team. They are the best to evaluate if your contracts are missing, or could be exchanged by already existing versions.

On Smart contract developing

Smart contracts on Newcoin are maintained by the MainDAO, and therefore no custom development is possible. If a new Smart contract proposal is accepted, there will be secondary proposals accepted, for whom will implement the new development.