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Building on the Social graph

Learn how to deploy projects on the Newcoin Social Graph blockchain and build upon the Newfoundation Ecosystem.

Understanding core concepts

The Newfoundation Ecosystem contains many modern, powerful and advanced economic and technical concepts for building modern creative economy applications.
This was developed to further facilitate Web3 and support founders and creators in accelerating their journey.

We provide support in:

  • Tokenomics
  • Shared Liquidity
  • DAOs & Governance
  • Social Tokens & Automated Market Making
  • Markets & NFTs
  • Community Building

We strongly recommend to dig into these different topics, and how they are realized with Newcoin.

Join the community

Community is the core of Web3, and so it is also the core for Newfoundation.
Join us, and we are happy to give you feedback on your ideas, projects and concepts.

Join our Weekly Community, Tech and creators calls.
Feedback is essential for successful projects

Decide on the right Framework Level

Newfoundation provides you with 3 Framework levels:

  • The Protocol layer: Most direct interactions with the blockchain, abstracted through NewAPI
  • The Service layer: Higher level services simpifying business models and useful services
  • The Frontend layer: Readymade components to further speed up development including cloneable products

Read more about the different Frameworks and Ecosystem services that are provided for free in our Ecosystem Guide

As a general recommendation, we suggest to start with a fast prototype on the Frontend layer, presenting utility to your stakeholders and community, iterate on the core value proposition, and then if needed slowly go lower in the Framework level while extending your featureset.

Shared Liquidity and Shared dApp Services

A big differentiator between other Blockchains is, that Newcoin is fully built on shared liquidity. The pools are shared between applications: unlike in Ethereum, there is no multiple swap pools for the same pair of tokens.

This enables usecases like:

  • having a single Market, where all dApps see the total lists of assets (NFTs) offered on the chain
  • having extandable dApps, where different dApps can provide extended interfaces for a partial featureset
  • specialized dApps, that only solve a single aspect of an App, and rather link to more general apps for other features.

E.g. as an example you can have different apps, that are specialized in different lifecycles of a DAO. One app to setup a DAO, a second app to onboard users, a third app that acts as a private chat for the dao, and maybe another app that turns the chats & assets into a metaverse view.
As all these dApps access the same data structure, use the same smart contracts and engage in the same market and liquidity they ultimately cooperate to provide the best experience to their users.

When developing your application, think what features of other dApps in the Newfoundation Ecosystem you can build upon. Only build features where you see additional value for your users, and rather link to other dApps for simple usecases.

Newcoin testnet

Currently all apps exist only on the testnet, until the mainnet launch.
If you need to request resources on the testnet, please do so via the Discord.
A go-live on the testnet is supported for NFT projects. If you plan so, please notify us on Discord.

Accelerate your project with Newmoon

Newmoon supports your project with expertiese in building up Web3 startups, and also is your gate in expert hours directly from the Newfoundation team. Newmoon provides 3 programs for startups:

  • Community: Community events & chats for web3 entrepreneurs
  • Mooncamp: A program for very early stage startups to get ready to build dApps
  • Newmoon Accelerator: The main accelerator program with extensive support in community building, networking, tokenomics and accesss to investors.

We highly recommed you to join the accelerator for additional support.

Adapting Newcoin

The Newcoin protocol is owned by the community, and governed by the MainDAO. You are free to join the MainDAO, and support the ecosystem. If you have direct requests on how to improve Newcoin, please join the DAO.
If your project requries additional smart contracts, please refer to the Smart Contract guide

Crypto is currently still a very unregulated environment. Therefore it is essential to verify that your solution is complying with current and potential future laws in your country, and probably worldwide. Newfoundation tries to simplify challenges around current topics, but is in no way a replacement in good legal council. please do your own research before going live.


Newfoundation is happy to support launch activities with Interviews on Newforum, and additional support in verifying that all services are correct.

Listing on Exchanges

Due to its shared liquidity structure, we can offer expedited listings on several exchanges and can offer support documents stating the concept of shared liquidity and the benefits for exchanges. If you have questions about that, or request support, please contact [Newmoon](