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Environment variables

In the wider context of configuration, environment variables provide a simplified way to configure the out-of-the box developer and user experience with just a handful of values.

The variables are provided in .env file in the root of an iosdk project.

  • REACT_APP_IOSDK_APP_NAME - The application name, has no semantic meaning
  • REACT_APP_IOSDK_APP_DOMAIN - The Newcoin username of the app owner. Will be provided by Newsafe when asking for a user data access consent
  • REACT_APP_IOSDK_APP_HOST - List of hosts iosdk will consider as correct
  • - Optional. List of canonical hosts. If the list is provided application lands on a host that is not on this list it will redirect to the first one in the list. Note that if the current domain is not in the REACT_APP_IOSDK_APP_HOST list the application will error when interacting with Newsafe components.

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