A scalable blockchain for social and gaming with built-in DeFi for creators
The Newcoin Protocol reinvents social creativity by embedding NFT, DAO and DeFi natively at the core of a highly scalable and cross-chain protocol, empowering creators, app and game developers.
Social networks are the ultimate creative playground, forming cultural momentum and network effect, and it’s time to redesign the rules of the game
Trillions in creative capital is ghosted by centralised social networks that claim ownership over data, algorithms and content, because everyone is trapped by network effect in monolithic architectures.
  • “Engagement” is misaligned with quality due to legacy advertising models
  • Followers and likes are poor indicators of creative value
  • Ownership, profit structure and governance are too disproportionately concentrated

Why now?

The world has recently awakened to both the dark side of centralisation and the potential of Web3.0.
  • The rise of arbitrary content manipulation and deplatforming in the past year has highlighted the need for credible neutrality and censorship resistance.
  • On the other hand, the explosion of the crypto creative economy through NFT marketplaces has demonstrated the potential for alternatives to the free+ads model for user-generated content.
  • DeFi protocols and DAOs have popularised the idea of running digital economies without intermediaries.
  • With the recent breakthroughs in blockchain scalability, speed and cost, all incentives, economic models and tools are aligned to disrupt incumbent monopolies.
Blockchain protocols are more scalable and composable. DeFi, DAO and NFT are becoming adopted standards for price discovery of both financial and creative assets. The remaining challenge is to bundle them into a consumer-ready holistic user experience that can be universalised towards product/market fit and data network effect.

Social 3.0

A decentralised social graph where qualitative metrics and intellectual property are tokenised, allowing creators and audiences to coordinate through a diversity of UIs and algorithms competing to provide the best experience over creator-owned digital assets. Social 3.0 has 3 layers: free-market UI, free-market graph and decentralised open-state database as public utility. As a consequence, the internet will shift from the centralised attention economy to the decentralised creative economy.
From monolithic to composable architecture
Each use becomes a creator
Followers become patrons

Enter the Newcoin Protocol

The Newcoin Protocol gives control to members over their data and assets, while allowing app developers to choose their own content policies and algorithms. The ecosystem is composable through APIs, open source and SDKs.

Lite Paper Summary

The Newcoin Protocol natively embeds NFT, DAO and DeFi standards, placing creators and their intellectual property at the forefront, removing intermediaries and focusing on value. This white paper will introduce the design principles, protocol and smart contracts powering the Newcoin Protocol.
Check this two minutes video to get a broad idea about Newcoin and Social 3.0.

Key concepts

Ecosystem agents and use cases